Drop Cloth Decor

I loooove drop cloths!  

Who wouldn’t?  

Yards and yards of  neutral colored fabric for a song!  You can bleach it or even dye it.

I used some to make valances and pillows

sofa valance

I even upholstered a chair for my granddaughter’s American Girl Doll!

Ash sofa chair finished1

I had some tin plaques from the Dollar Store.  Don’t know why I bought them.  They were pretty ugly, but I figured I could do something with them–eventually!  I must have walked past them a thousand times before I was inspired to actually do something with them.

 I drilled two holes about an inch in and an inch down from the corners.  Then, I wrapped them  with drop cloth and hot glued it to the back and trimmed the fabric nice and neat.  

dropcloth wall art

I centered a stencil, taped it down and then filled it in with–

you’ll never guess–no, not paint–

black Sharpie Marker!  Yup!  Worked just fine!  

They still needed something, so I pulled out some black and cream fabric, ripped it into strips and made some fabric rosettes.  

I used jute string for the hanger, but it looked weird, so I cut a strip of the rosette fabric and glued it over the string.  Glued a rosette over one knot and tied a small strip of fabric around the other and there you have it!  

paris flower market

Really pretty, really simple French inspired Shabby Chic wall decor! 

dropcloth Vintage sign

Wonder what I can use drop cloth for next . . . .


These plaques will be available in the shop– www.shop.thedecoratednest.com

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