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A Bridal Shower Gift & Fun Photo Display

I'm a bad blogger--really.  I start projects and get so involved that I forget to take photos. When I do take photos, they are taken with my iPhone.   I'm impatient and hate photo editing.  I don't follow a "schedule"-- at all.  I should probably … [Read More...]


25 Surprising Ways to Decorate with Sharpie Markers!

Hometalk is my favorite place to go for inspiration for home &  garden projects.  It's a DIY, social media site that allows you to post your own projects, ask questions, and browse thousands of projects and ideas.  It's an amazing resource and … [Read More...]

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Covered Tin Desk Accessories

I found these three little tin cups on a tray at my local craft store a few months ago. They were cute, but a little boring so I wanted to jazz the up a little for my office/craft room. The process is relatively simple.  All that you need is a … [Read More...]


What Are Essential Oils?

Wondering just what these little oily wonders are, where they came from, how long they've been around and how they work?  So was I.  I want to answer to all of your questions so, if you don't find what you're looking for leave a comment or email … [Read More...]


Introduction to Essential Oils!

Essential Oils! I know you've heard of them--everybody's talking about them. I'm a skeptic and I'm also old enough to have experienced quite a few "popular" trends over the years.  I don't believe everything I hear, nor do I jump on the bandwagon … [Read More...]

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Emilie’s Vanity-Updated With Paint

My oldest granddaughter, Emilie, just turned 13.  She finally has her own bedroom and her first order of business was to find a vanity!  We did some searching, online and locally and came across this little gem.  She loved the shape and size, but not … [Read More...]